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At Arris, we specialize in providing high-quality Residential and Commercial Structural Engineering services.

Best Top-Notch Roofing Services

Need to spruce up your residential house or commercial business? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, and who better to trust than a professional roof painting contractor?

Residential and Commercial Structural Engineering

Looking for construction companies in Johannesburg?

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Welcome to Arris Projects! Here we like to shape our buildings – pedantic construction companies in Johannesburg.

We offer a wide range of renovation and roof waterproofing services as well as engineering reports. We are committed to providing the best customer service and project results for our clients.

About Arris Projects

Arris Projects (PTY) Ltd is a South African construction project company. Established in 2021 in partnership with a strong team of architects, and civil engineering specialists with years of construction projects. Owned and operated with you and the construction dreams you hold in mind.

As a company, Arris Projects has a vast amount of construction experience in the building industry. Construction is a big undertaking and you need contractors with technical specialities. Not only providing professional consultation, building and roofing solutions within a wide range of projects, but doing it at a cost effective rate.

Our services are aimed at the private-, body corporate and industrial sectors.


Our aim at Arris Projects is to:

serve clients to the best capacity possible
Provide unique and efficient construction and maintenance solutions
Leverage the knowledge of our deep well of technical expertise
Proactively identify issues before they occur
Mitigate risk and
Help you achieve the desired goals for your projects and facilities

We also specialise in maintenance, upgrade renovations, roof construction, waterproofing, structural repairs, civils, painting and ASBESTOS mine housing remedial work.

As contractors we have been part of projects like the N1, Medupi and Kusile Power Station.

Construction Renovation ・ Maintenance 

What we do – Our Services

In Johannesburg, there are plenty of commercial painting services to choose from. We’ve been providing professional roof painting services for year and gathered high pressure washer equipment, quality materials and the best professional team of commercial painters.

roof structure repairs

Waterproofing. Spraying. Sheeting. New roof construction.

Roofing services, structural repair work.Painting as well as waterproofing.


inspection painting contractors roof painters

Structural repair work to preserves a structure’s construction integrity, maintain its functionality and improve safety.

Structural repair work and investigations

Arris Projects (PTY) Ltd contractors to building companies

Renovation of offices and residential properties. Bathrooms, concrete, walls, paint, plumbing, drawings, logistics, building, and sign-off.

Renovations & New Buildings

Construction contractors building stairs

Residential housing and Commercial construction – turn-key solutions. From foundation construction to walls and roofing.


Project management inspection picture


Structural remedies


Project Management / Engineering

Mobile and Prefabricated buildings company

Repairs of mobile and modular building panels. Asbestos rehabilitation. Repairs of mobile unit flooring. Supply & erection of mobile and modular buildings.

Mobile and Prefabricated buildings

Drywall, partitioning & Ceiling

Rhino Board drywall installation.
Suspend ceilings.
Nutec installations.

Drywall, partitioning & Ceilings

body corporate maintenance plans

5-year plans. Painting and crack repairs on plastered walls. Insurance reports. Reports regarding insurance claims as well as maintenance. School maintenance

Maintenance plans and call-out services

twirling staircase construction companies in Johannesburg

Talk to us about your ideas and our team will work out if it can be done.
From spiral staircases to interesting fireplaces.

Unique Construction Ideas

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Let us know what you need and our company’s representative will call you back. 

Arris Projects is a provider of integrated property and infrastructure solutions

Our Values



We believe in earning and keeping your trust. When our projects are running smoothly, there is an underlying level of trust that can be credited to that relationship.



One of the pillars of our project delivery process managing and ensuring the quality of the products or services we provide as a company. We are focused on our people being leaders in the construction industry.



We believe in truthful conversations create opportunities for better analysis and decisions. Honesty builds trust, trust builds relationships that lead to success.

The trust our clients have in us can be credited for our success.

We have years of experience and offer competitive rates

A Truly South African Construction Company that has undertaken a vast array of construction projects in Gauteng and across SA.

Some examples of our construction and building solutions in Gauteng and across SA.

The Roofing & Construction Contractor that Partners with you

What our clients have to say

construction companies in Johannesburg Reviews

WP van der Merwe
WP van der Merwe
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Towes and his team are true professionals. They strive towards perfection and complete customer satisfaction. I cannot recommend him enough!
Jacobus Rossouw
Jacobus Rossouw
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Towes does all the construction work for my business. Top service high quality and competitive pricing. The JS Rossouw groep wil never use anyone else.
Sherie de Wet
Sherie de Wet
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great team, always arrive on time and they do a professional job. Would definitely recommend them!
Colin Brull
Colin Brull
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
A company that is an absolute pleasure to deal with. They are upfront and honest with their pricing and keep you informed all the way. We are planning further work and we would not even consider dealing with anyone but Arris

Who is the best-rated home builder in Johannesburg? See our reviews and decide for yourself.

damp waterproofing painting services

Waterpoofing – Exceptional
Roofing Services

Waterproofing is the process of making a structure or surface water-resistant, usually by applying a sealant or protective coat. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, from roofs to walls and floors. Waterproofing helps protect your house from weather damage while also preventing moisture from entering the building, which can cause mould growth and other structural problems.

Proper waterproofing techniques are essential for any structure that needs to remain dry in wet conditions such as basements, showers, pools, decks, and patios. By ensuring that your structures have proper waterproofing you can save yourself money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs due to water damage.

Our roof waterproofing services will protect your residential and commercial buildings.

What does your construction project need?
Arris is your Trusted Partner

Being able to identify weak points in the construction quickly is another critical aspect of structural works projects. Homeowners or business owners can rely on these professionals to make sure everything is up to code and there are no substandard construction practices. Structural repair work, in other words, helps make sure buildings remain sturdy for many years without any unexpected repairs or rebuilding due to inferior construction techniques.

  • Solid Foundations
  • School construction
  • site inspection & insurance REPORTS
  • Mobile offices, ablutions facilities as well as dining halls.
  • Commercial construction- turnkey solutions for estate development
  • Factories – maintenance and construction projects as well as new builds
  • Residential housing-turn key. From foundation construction to walls and roofing.
roof painters and interior painting company

Choose the contractor with an engineering background & team of experts

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