What We Do

We plan any project or service to ensure our client can still focus on the important things in life. We strive for perfection.


Let it Rain

  • Roof waterproofing
  • Roof painting & spraying 
  • Damp proofing of walls and houses
  • Civils, subsoil drainage and surface solutions
  • Roof rehabilitation-overhangs, eaves and gutters
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Site works

  • Renovations of houses
  • New home and building construction
  • Concrete
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New colours with a new home

  • Painting of houses` interior and exterior using airless technology
  • Commercial buildings rehabilitation and painting
  • Roof spraying 
  •  Paving and floor coats
  • Pressure washing, paint preparation and building cleaning
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Nutec and rhinoboard

  • Drywall partitioning installation
  •  Ceilings
  • Painting of drywall
Arris Projects

Project Management and Engineering reports

  • Site Inspections
  • Reports
  • Structural repair work and method statements
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Mobile Buildings

  • Assemble mobile buildings 
  •  Moving of mobile buildings
  • Mobile classrooms
  • Mobile toilets
Arris Projects

Paving rehabilitation

  • Cleaning of paving so that it can look new again
Arris Projects

The finer things in life

  • Pergola design, building and installation
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Steel construction
Arris Projects

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